Coming very soon: Top quality strawberries grown in the center of Bangkok


Vertical Farmers

Varmers Growing Tech Co Ltd (VGT) grows high-quality strawberries through Controlled Environment Agriculture Technology. By artificially controlling the temperature, regulating the light and gases in an indoor environment Varmers is able to grow high quality environmental friendly organic strawberries 24/7 all year round

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On Sukhumvit road, in front of True Digital Park.

3079 Sukhumvit Road, Bang Chak Subdistrict, Phra Khanong
District, Bangkok

Vertical Farming

Vertical Farming – the Varmers way

Vertical Farming is a practice where food is produced in fairly inclined areas. Vertical farming is performed in a controlled, indoor environment. Unlike conventional farming where crops are planted at a single level, this unique method helps produce food in vertical and completely stacked layers that are also well-integrated to multiple structures like shipping containers or skyscrapers.

Leveraging the Controlled Environment Agriculture Technology (CEAT), this modern farming technique makes the most out of indoor farming methods. This method involves artificially controlling the temperature, regulating the light and gases, all of which can be done indoors. The main goal of this farming method is to maximize the output of crops.

Vertical farms can grow crops every day of the week, in every season, day and night!

Healthier Food For A Healthier Future
No crop loss

Stable crop yields

No contamination

External protection

No seasons

Crop yields all year long

No bugs

No pests or rodents

No invasive species

Ecosystem protection

No boundaries

Versatile species

No water waste

90% water reduction

Going Vertical

Habitat protection

Energy efficient

Energy generation

Longer shelf-life

Efficient supply chains

No shrinkage

Demand-supply control

No land waste

More efficient land use

Our Varm

100% Varm

Built on one of Bangkok's busiest streets, the purple lights guide you to the first Varm. With 60% vertical farm and 40% experience center, this is a worlds-first, unique farm.

60% Vertical Farm

On a 350m2 floor, our Controlled Environment Agriculture Technology (CEAT) approach with multiple layers allows us to produce 24.000 kg strawberries per year. This is the future.

40% Restaurant

More like an experience center, the restaurant allows you to look into the future while having the most delicious strawberry-themed dishes one can have. Experience what perfect strawberries entail.

Varmers Restaurant

Discover all strawberry-themed dishes at our restaurant. Come visit us!